What’s New

Better Business Bureau of Chicago Introduces New Rating SystemPrestige Faux Design has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago for eight years and has been awarded the Better Business Bureau Compliant Free Award every year. This year the National Council of Better Business Bureaus has decided to replace the “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory rating with a letter grade system. Prestige Faux Design has been designated as an A+ business. Letter grades are calculated by computer using a ratings formula that takes into account 17 factors, the most important of which is a company’s overall complaint history. We are thrilled to be able to say that we have an A+ in customer satisfaction!
Child-themed Canvases AvailableThe artists of Prestige Faux Design are offering painted canvases to bring the whimsical into your child’s nursery or bedroom. With such themes as fantastical insects, unicorns, train engines, and sock monkeys, you can bring a touch of hand-painted fun to your home. These art works may be purchased directly through us. We would be happy to custom paint canvases to match any décor or add your child’s name and birthdate.
New Ideas to Update your Interior DécorThese days, many of our clients are deciding to upgrade their surroundings rather than moving to a new home. In light of this trend, Prestige Faux Design’s decorative painters are able to assist in many ways. If you have 1980’s blue countertops, we can finish them to look like stone. Is the cultured marble in the bathroom unsightly? We can refinish that as well. If you have wildly flowered wallpaper begging to be stripped, our decorators can show you several techniques which can be done right over the old paper. Paneling, cabinets, furniture, and floors can be given a whole new look. Sooty or out-of-style brick or stone fireplaces can be limewashed to coordinate with new interior decoration. Prestige Faux Design can even faux finish existing ceramic tile. We use innovative products that will stand up to the use these areas require and provide an easier solution to remodeling.
Trends in StencilingMany people think that stenciling has gone the way of the ceramic goose! But not so… At Prestige Faux Design, we use stencils in new ways. One striking way of using stencils is to emboss designs on walls. These embossed designs can be placed randomly or as architectural accents. We also paint all-over wall patterns with stencils, making your walls look like antiqued damask, for example. Lettering is still in vogue and we can do your particular saying in any size, font, color, language, or design. We also specialize in using Modellos, which are one-time use stencils created for painting ceiling medallions, architectural elements, murals, repeat patterns, and more. The latest trend in stenciling comes from British stencil designer Helen Morris of the Stencil Library. She has designed a line of oversized stencils which we use to really make a statement in a room. So, stenciling these days has truly become custom, from both subtle design to “extreme” sizing. We love it and think you will too.
Faux GraniteWe have been working with a product that will allow you to have “granite” on your RV or yacht countertops and tables but is light weight and won’t weigh you down! Please ask to see our faux granite, marble, and stone finishes.